What is the code of conduct for learners on GlobalExam Live ?

GlobalExam live Code of Conduct

By registering and attending a GlobalExam Live video course, learners agree to :

  • Treat the teacher and other learners and their opinions with respect, cultural sensitivity and politeness
  • Book classes only in good faith and in quantities that reflect their actual availability
  • Make reasonable efforts to attend all booked classes so that other learners have fair access to these classes
  • Be responsive during the course, using the camera or microphone to communicate and interact - failure to do so will result in exclusion from the course
  • Use their full potential and best abilities;
  • Stick to the topics related to the course material during the course;
  • Register as an individual user and do not "share" the course with another learner;
  • Be supportive and constructive in discussions with other learners and participate in group work;
  • Turn off or mute your mobile phone during a lesson so as not to distract the rest of the group;
  • Attend class from a suitable location in a quiet area, without distractions or background noise that might disturb other learners or the teacher;
  • Join the class within the first ten minutes, after which the learner will not be allowed to enter the class;
  • Comply with the course cancellation policy by cancelling course bookings;
  • Report any problems encountered during the course directly to the customer service department at: support@global-exam.com .


By registering and participating in a GlobalExam Live course, learners agree not to :


  • Register on behalf of someone else, share an account or device ;
  • Share sensitive personal information, including any form of contact information, with other learners and the teacher
  • Use offensive language of any kind, including racist or sexist remarks, either verbally or in chat;
  • Attempt to contact the teacher or other learners directly;
  • Publish, share or post anything off-topic, offensive, abusive or illegal in the classroom
  • Posting or uploading inappropriate messages or content, unauthorised advertising, promotional material or spam
  • Record the class in any way, including screen shots and video recordings